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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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80334 A.T.Ordway-Mt. Mansfield, VT Alfred Ordway A.T.Ordway-Mt. Mansfield, VT oil on canvas, titled: Mt. Mansfield, VT Date 1870(1870) cjr
80215 Fishing on Fairlee Pond Alfred Ordway Fishing on Fairlee Pond Oil on canvas titled: "Fishing on Fairlee Pond, Mount Mansfield, Vermont" ca. 1870 cjr
84461 Fishing on Fairlee Pond Alfred Ordway Fishing on Fairlee Pond Date ca. 1870 cyf
84344 Mansfield Alfred Ordway Mansfield oil on canvas Date 1870 cyf

Alfred Ordway
(1821 - 1897) was an American landscape and portrait painter, and one of the founding fathers of the Boston Art Club. Alfred was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts to mother Currier, and father Thomas Ordway on March 9, 1821. With his father being the cities' clerk, Alfred spent the majority of his childhood in Lowell, Massachusetts. His family can be traced back to the early 17th century when James Ordway settled in Dover, New Hampshire. Both his parents fought in the Revolutionary War, and his grandfather, Nehemiah Ordway, a physician in Amesbury, Massachusetts, was put in charge "to form and equip a company for Bunker Hill".
Albert Bierstadt
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