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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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38558 Bertel Thorvaldsen Christian Daniel Rauch Bertel Thorvaldsen mk138 1816 Marble 72x45x35cm
38559 Funerary Sculpture of Queen Luise of Prussia Christian Daniel Rauch Funerary Sculpture of Queen Luise of Prussia mk138 1812-27 Marble 65x220x96cm
38556 Jason,Aided by Medea,Carrying off the Golden Fleece Christian Daniel Rauch Jason,Aided by Medea,Carrying off the Golden Fleece mk138 maquette 1810 sculpture begun in 1818, unfinished Marble 128x140x21cm From the estate of the artist.
38560 Seated Victory with Laurel Wreath Christian Daniel Rauch Seated Victory with Laurel Wreath mk138 1838-45 Marble 223x106x90

Christian Daniel Rauch
1777 Arolsen-1857 Dresden,was a German sculptor. Rauch was born at Arolsen in the Principality of Waldeck. His parents were poor and unable to place him under efficient masters. His first instructor taught him little else than the art of sculpting gravestones, and Professor Ruhl of Kassel could not give him much more. A wider field of improvement opened up before him when he removed to Berlin in 1797; but he was obliged to earn a livelihood by becoming a royal lackey, and to practise his art in spare hours. Queen Louisa of Prussia, surprising him one day in the act of modeling her features in wax, sent him to study at the Academy of Art. Not long afterwards, in 1804, Count Sandrecky gave Rauch the means to complete his education at Rome, where Wilhelm von Humboldt, Antonio Canova and Bertel Thorvaldsen befriended him. Among other works, he executed bas-reliefs of "Hippolytus and Phaedra," "Mars and Venus wounded by Diomede," and a "Child praying." In 1811 Rauch was commissioned to execute a monument for Queen Louisa of Prussia.
Albert Bierstadt
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