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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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77884 After-the-hunt David Dalhoff Neal After-the-hunt Oil on Canvas painting cjr
81193 Canvas painting David Dalhoff Neal Canvas painting Oil on Date 1870(1870) cyf
73840 CromwellVisitsMrJohn-Milton David Dalhoff Neal CromwellVisitsMrJohn-Milton oil painting 1883(1883) cjr
84758 INTERIOR OF ST MARKS VENICE David Dalhoff Neal INTERIOR OF ST MARKS VENICE Oil on canvas Date 1869 cyf
80494 INTERIOR OF ST.MARKS,VENICE David Dalhoff Neal INTERIOR OF ST.MARKS,VENICE Oil on canvas: Interior of St. Mark's, Venice1869 cjr
82776 Portrait of james-savage David Dalhoff Neal Portrait of james-savage Oil on canvas Date ca. 1870 cyf

David Dalhoff Neal
(October 20, 1838 - May 2, 1915), was an American artist. David Dalhoff Neal was born to father Stephen Bryant Neal and mother Mary (Dalhoff) Neal, on Middlesex Street, in Lowell, Massachusetts. His grandparents were Stephen Neal, and David Dalhoff and Sally (Bean) Dalhoff of Canterbury, New Hampshire, Dolhoffs that emigrated from Russia in 1763, for whom he was named. His mother's family, the Beans, migrated from Holland in the early 1830s. His aunt Elizabeth Dolhoff was very artistic, and his uncle Jesse Dolhoff was a great singer. He attended Lowell grammar schools, and high school at Lawrence, Massachusetts. Deciding to devote himself to the study of art, he then attended art classes at the recently opened Andover Academy in Andover, New Hampshire. When Neal was 14, his father died and his fortunes were "impaired", so he set sail for New Orleans. Here at the age of 15, he worked the docks as a wharf clerk with a wood shipping firm dealing in Brazilian and Honduran mahogany.
Albert Bierstadt
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