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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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6848 Four Studies of a Woman ds GHEYN, Jacob de II Four Studies of a Woman ds 1602-03 Chalk on paper, 261 x 322 mm Mus??es Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
43945 Four Studies of Frogs GHEYN, Jacob de II Four Studies of Frogs 142 x 196 mm
6850 Neptune and Amphitrite df GHEYN, Jacob de II Neptune and Amphitrite df Oil on canvas, 103,5 x 137 cm Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne
6849 The Exercise of Armes (details) fdgh GHEYN, Jacob de II The Exercise of Armes (details) fdgh 1619 Woodcut, 178 x 127 mm (each) Private collection

GHEYN, Jacob de II
Dutch engraver/painter (b. 1565, Antwerp, d. 1629, The Hague). was a Dutch painter and engraver, whose work shows the transition from Northern Mannerism to Dutch realism over the course of his career. De Gheyn received his first training from his father, Jacob de Gheyn I, a glass painter, engraver, and draftsman. In 1585, he moved to Haarlem, and studied under Hendrik Goltzius for the next five years. He moved again to Leiden in the middle of the 1590s. His first commission was for an engraving of the Siege of Geertruitenberg from Amsterdam city officials in 1593. Around 1600, de Gheyn abandoned engraving, and focused his work on painting and etching. Moving to The Hague in 1605, he was employed often by Dutch royalty, designing a garden in the Buitenhof for Prince Maurice of Orange which featured the two first grottoes in the Netherlands. After Prince Maurice's death in 1625, de Gheyn worked for Prince Frederick Henry, his brother. De Gheyn painted some of the earliest female nudes, vanitas, and floral still lifes in Dutch art. He is credited with creating over 1,500 drawings, including landscapes and natural history illustrations.
Albert Bierstadt
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