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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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24671 Bust of a young Man (mk33) Isack jouderville Bust of a young Man (mk33) Panel 48x37cm
24668 Bust of a young Man in a Turban (mk33) Isack jouderville Bust of a young Man in a Turban (mk33) 1631 Panel 65.2x50.9cm Windsor Castle
24670 Details of  Bust of a young Man in a Turban (mk33 Isack jouderville Details of Bust of a young Man in a Turban (mk33   
24669 Minerva in her Study (mk33) Isack jouderville Minerva in her Study (mk33) panel Deenver,Colorado,Art Museum

Isack jouderville
c,1612-before 1648 Dutch painter. His father, who came from Metz, kept a popular inn at Leiden. Isack Jouderville was among Rembrandt's earliest pupils and was apprenticed to the artist from late 1629 until the end of 1631. for the payment of his apprenticeship fees, signed by Rembrandt. During his last year of apprenticeship, Jouderville went to Amsterdam with Rembrandt. In 1632 he enrolled as a student of philosophy at Leiden University; it may well be, however, that he stayed in Amsterdam to assist Rembrandt in his workshop with his numerous portrait commissions. Jouderville himself painted mainly Rembrandtesque heads or 'tronies' and was such a faithful follower of his master's early work that several of his paintings were at one time attributed to Rembrandt. In 1636 Jouderville married Maria Le Fevre and settled in Leiden. Between 1641 and 1643 he lived in Deventer, after which he moved to Amsterdam, where he was last recorded in 1645.
Albert Bierstadt
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