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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
53767 Danae Jan Mabuse Danae mk234 1527 115x95cm
96705 Madonna and Child Jan Mabuse Madonna and Child Oil on panel, Museo del Prado, Madrid Date 1527(1527) cyf
94741 Madonna and Child Playing With the Veil Jan Mabuse Madonna and Child Playing With the Veil 1520-1530 Type Oil on wood Dimensions 25.4 cm x 18.3 cm cyf
96805 Mary Magdalen Jan Mabuse Mary Magdalen 1530 Medium oil on oak panel cyf
53766 Portratt of a kopman Jan Mabuse Portratt of a kopman mk234 about 1530 63.5x48cm
59685 St Luke Painting the Madonna by Jan Mabuse Jan Mabuse St Luke Painting the Madonna by Jan Mabuse St Luke Painting the Madonna by Jan Mabuse (1520-25) Wood, 109,5 x 82 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Jan Mabuse
c. 1478 C October 1, 1532 Flemish painter, b. Maubeuge. His real name was Jan Gossaert or Gossart. He may have studied in Bruges before joining the Antwerp guild in 1503. In 1508 he went for a year with his patron, Philip of Burgundy, to Italy, where he was strongly influenced by Italian art and ancient sculpture. He was among the first Flemish artists to represent the nude and classical mythology in a manner derived from Italy. His forms are solid and heavy, and their surfaces are rendered with smooth precision. Mabuse also executed some impressive portraits. The imperious attitude he gave to his subjects was highly popular in his time. A Donor and His Wife (Brussels), Neptune and Amphitrite (Berlin), Danaë (Munich), St. Luke Painting the Virgin (versions in Vienna and National Gall., Prague), and Jean Carondelet Adoring the Virgin (Louvre) are characteristic paintings.
Albert Bierstadt
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