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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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74582 A Convention of Hunters Jozef Chelmonski A Convention of Hunters oil on canvas, 65 x 148 cm. 1874 cjr
67711 Cross in blizzard. Jozef Chelmonski Cross in blizzard. 1907(1907) Oil on canvas 106 X 137 cm (41.73 X 53.94 in)
97131 Departure on hunting Jozef Chelmonski Departure on hunting 1882(1882) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 60.5 X 101 cm cyf
74583 During the Rain Jozef Chelmonski During the Rain oil on canvas, 48 x 81 cm. 1873 cjr
67729 Four  On grasslands Jozef Chelmonski Four On grasslands 1881(1881) Oil on canvas 275 X 660 cm (108.27 X 259.84 in)
97130 Gossamer Jozef Chelmonski Gossamer 1875(1875) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 119.7 X 156.5 cm cyf
67808 Market Jozef Chelmonski Market Oil on canvas, 57.5x67.5, Kosciuszko Foundation, New York
74578 Morning in the Forest; Jozef Chelmonski Morning in the Forest; 1870; oil on canvas, 26,5 x 34,5 cm. cjr
97247 Partridges in snow Jozef Chelmonski Partridges in snow 1891(1891) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 123 X 199 cm cyf
97530 Return from a ball Jozef Chelmonski Return from a ball 1879(1879) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 80 x 160 cm cyf

Jozef Chelmonski
(November 7, 1849 -- April 6, 1914) was a Polish painter. Chełmonski was born in the village of Boczki near Łowicz in central Congress Poland, Russian Empire. His first drawing teacher was his father (a small leaseholder and administrator of Boczki village). After finishing high school in Warsaw, he studied in Warsaw Drawing Class (1867--1871) and took private lessons from Wojciech Gerson. From 1871 to 1874 Chełmonski lived in Munich. He worked with Polish painters assembled around Jozef Brandt and Maksymilian Gierymski. He also had studied for a few months at the academy of H. Anschutz and A. Strahuber. In 1872 and 1874 Chełmonski visited the Polish territories (Poland as a country did not exist then), Tatra Mountains and Ukraine. His first paintings were done under the influence of Gerson. The works that followed were landscapes and villages. In 1875 Chełmonski went to Paris, where he had many important exhibitions and became known to the art scene. With many orders, the artistic level of his paintings decreased. From 1878 to 1887 Chełmonski visited Poland, Vienna and Venice. In 1887 he returned to Poland and in 1889 settled in Kuklawka Zarzeczna village. Contact with his homeland and nature revealed quality in his artworks. From that time are the best liked Chełmonski's paintings such as Partridge on the Snow, The Storks or Before Thunderstorm. Chełmonski represented the trend in art called "Polish Patriotic Painting". He died in Kuklawka near Grodzisk Mazowiecki in 1914.
Albert Bierstadt
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