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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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83798 St. Mark's Square with Charlatans Luca Carlevarijs St. Mark's Square with Charlatans Oil on canvas, 73.2 x 117.2 cm Date 1720s cyf
83794 The Dock Facing the Doge's Palace Luca Carlevarijs The Dock Facing the Doge's Palace Oil on canvas, 73.4 x 117.4 cm Date 1720s cyf
95103 Two Studies of Men Luca Carlevarijs Two Studies of Men Date between 1700(1700) and 1710 TTD

Luca Carlevarijs
Luca Carlevarijs or Carlevaris (20 January 1663 - 12 February 1730) was an Italian painter and engraver of landscapes (vedutista). Carlevarijs was born in Udine, but worked mostly in Venice. His vedute of Venice are among the earliest Baroque depictions of the city. He was influenced by the Dutch painter active in Rome, Caspar van Wittel (often called Vanvitelli). The painters Canaletto and Antonio Visentini are said to have been highly influenced by or pupils of his. Johan Richter did work with him. Also called Luca Casanobrio or Luca di Ca Zenobri, for his patronage by the latter family. He painted landscapes, sea-pieces, and perspective views. He completed over a hundred etchings of views in Venice, which give an exact representation of the principal places in that city. He died in Venice.
Albert Bierstadt
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