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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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8555 Annunciation ery PITTONI, Giambattista Annunciation ery 1758 Oil on canvas, 153 x 206 cm Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice
20644 Christ giving the Keys of Paradise to St Peter (mk05) PITTONI, Giambattista Christ giving the Keys of Paradise to St Peter (mk05) Canvas 32 1/4 x 16 1/2''(82 x 42 cm)Model for an altarpiece Early collection IVN
8557 Death of Sophonisba g PITTONI, Giambattista Death of Sophonisba g Oil on canvas, 165 x 214 cm Pushkin Museum, Moscow
20645 Polyxenes Sacrificing to the Gods of Achilles (mk05) PITTONI, Giambattista Polyxenes Sacrificing to the Gods of Achilles (mk05) Canvas 22 x 38 1/4''(56 x 97 cm)Like the pendant,which follows this is an autograph replica of a picture in the collection of the Palazzo Taverna,Rome Early collection INV
43599 Sts Jerome and Peter of Alcantara PITTONI, Giambattista Sts Jerome and Peter of Alcantara Oil on canvas, 275 x 143 cm
20646 The Continence of Scipio (mk05) PITTONI, Giambattista The Continence of Scipio (mk05) Canvas 22 x 38 1/4''(56 x 97 cm)Early collection INV
51232 The Sacrifice of Polyxena PITTONI, Giambattista The Sacrifice of Polyxena Oil on canvas, 129 x 94 cm

PITTONI, Giambattista
Italian Rococo Era Painter, 1687-1767 Italian painter and draughtsman. With Giambattista Tiepolo and Piazzetta, he was the most representative history painter of the Venetian Rococo. Besides altarpieces for Venetian and other churches as well as devotional images for private clients on both sides of the Alps, he painted subjects from mythology and Classical literature for collectors and connoisseurs in a Rococo idiom all his own; it is these secular pictures for which he is best known. Zava Boccazzi's catalogue raisonn of Pittoni's paintings (1979) includes 247 extant autograph works and 117 paintings now lost, destroyed or untraced. Binion's catalogue raisonn? of the artist's drawings (1983) lists 304 sheets. Pittoni's total output must have been far larger, as is evident from the drawings, many of which are studies for unknown works. For instance, Pittoni must occasionally have painted decorations for secular buildings and palazzi, probably in fresco, though none has yet come to light, with the notable exception of the few frescoes with scenes from the Life of Diana, painted in 1727 in the palazzetto Widman in Bagnoli di Sopra near Padua.
Albert Bierstadt
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