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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
94135 Bailecito Pedro Figari Bailecito 1920 a 1933 cjr
94145 Candombe Pedro Figari Candombe oil on cardboard. 53x68cm cjr
94147 Doble boda Pedro Figari Doble boda oil on cardboard- 79x98cm cjr
94140 El Homenaje Pedro Figari El Homenaje oil on cardboard - 60x80cm cjr
94137 Flores Silvestres Pedro Figari Flores Silvestres (oil on cardboard) - 53.5x68.5cm cjr
94149 Galanteria Pedro Figari Galanteria oil on cardboard - 16.5x25.5cm cjr
94148 La carreta Pedro Figari La carreta oil on cardboard - 40x70cm .cjr
94136 La Muerte Pedro Figari La Muerte oil on cardboard) - 60x80cm cjr
94143 Las siete hermanas Pedro Figari Las siete hermanas oil on cardboard,50x70cm cjr
94144 Mientras la bocha rueda Pedro Figari Mientras la bocha rueda oil on cardboard - 26x50cm cjr
94138 Mira_Genoveva Pedro Figari Mira_Genoveva 1919 a 1938 oil on cardboard 30x33.5cm
94139 Pericon Pedro Figari Pericon oil on cardboard - 70x100 cjr
94150 Recogiendo un pasajero Pedro Figari Recogiendo un pasajero oil on cardboard cjr
94146 Un oedido a Rosas Pedro Figari Un oedido a Rosas oil on cardboard - 49x69cm cjr
94134 Venecia Pedro Figari Venecia 1931 oil on cardboard) - 35x50cm cjr
94142 Visita pesada Pedro Figari Visita pesada oil on cardboard - 48x63cm cjr

Pedro Figari
(June 29, 1861-July 24, 1938) was a Uruguayan painter, lawyer, writer, and politician. Although he did not begin the practice until his later years, he is best known as an early modernist painter who emphasized capturing the every-day aspects of life in his work. In most of his pieces, he attempts to capture the essence of his home by painting local customs that he had observed in his childhood. Figari painted primarily from memory, a technique that gives his work a far more personal feeling. With his unique style, which involved painting without the intention to create an illusion, he, along with other prominent Latin-American artists such as Diego Rivera and Tarsila do Amaral, sparked a revolution of identity in the art world of Latin America.
Albert Bierstadt
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