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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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82794 Der Kranke Wolfgang Heimbach Der Kranke 1669 Medium Oil on copper Dimensions Deutsch: 24 x 19 cm (Oval) cyf
39713 Nocturnal banquet Wolfgang Heimbach Nocturnal banquet mk150 1640 62x114cm
81953 Portrait of Ulrik Frederik Gyldenlove, Count of Laurvig Wolfgang Heimbach Portrait of Ulrik Frederik Gyldenlove, Count of Laurvig Date 1600s Medium Oil cjr

Wolfgang Heimbach
c.1600/1615-after 1678, German painter. The son of a bookkeeper at the corn exchange, he was known because of a disability as 'the Ovelg?nne mute'. An aristocratic sponsor, probably Graf Anton G?nther (1603-67) of Oldenburg, sent him to train in the Netherlands: stylistic considerations would suggest that this was in the 1630s. The Evening Scene (1637; ex-art market, Berlin; G?ttsche, no. 8) shows him adapting the style of Caravaggio as practised in Utrecht to the kind of social gathering depicted by Dirck Hals or Anthonie Palamedesz. He uses an artificial light source to exaggerate the modelling of the figures and the space. This characteristic of his art also shows in the Evening Banquet of 1640
Albert Bierstadt
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