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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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87024 Croesus Receiving Tribute from a Lydian Peasant claude vignon Croesus Receiving Tribute from a Lydian Peasant 1629(1629) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
76222 Portrait of Francois Langlois claude vignon Portrait of Francois Langlois c. 1621 Oil on canvas 80 ?? 67 cm (31.5 ?? 26.4 in) cjr
69088 tours claude vignon tours 1593-paris 1670 moses med lagens tavlor olja pa duk 160x131.5 se

claude vignon
Claude Vignon (19 May 1593 - 10 May 1670) was a leading French painter and engraver working in the Baroque manner. He was born at Tours and received early training in Paris. About 1610 he travelled to Rome where his mature style was formed in the circle of French painters there that included Simon Vouet and Valentin de Boulogne, a prominent member of the Caravaggisti working, like Bartolomeo Manfredi, in the manner established by Caravaggio. He returned from Italy, after a tour in Spain, in 1623. His paintings are represented in most of the major museums.
Albert Bierstadt
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