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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov
In the Blue Expanse

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Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov In the Blue Expanse
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Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov In the Blue Expanse

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Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov

Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov (Russian, 29 January [O.S. 17 January] 1870 - June 22, 1939) was a Russian and Soviet Symbolist painter. Biography Rylov was born in the village Istobenskoye, Vyatka gubernia. He was brought in the family of his stepfather, a notary (Rylov's father had a psychiatric illness). He moved to Saint Petersburg and studied at the Technical Design School of Baron Schtiglitz (1888-1891), then at the Imperial Academy of Arts under Arkhip Kuindzhi (1894-1897). In the Blue Expanse, 1918Rylov was a member of the Mir iskusstva movement and its spin-off Union of Russian Artists also a member of the Association of Artists of the Revolutionary Russia. He was a chairman of the Kuindzhi Society.  Related Paintings of Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov :. | Reaper with Sickle | St.Matthew | stora nygatan | Portrait of Pelagie Sapiezyna nee Potocka | Die Morgentoilette |
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